Open Access: A key to academic success?

In the last decade, the Open Access (OA) movement has generated considerable interest in governmental, academic, funding and publishing communities. To date, a number of conventions and initiatives have been launched worldwide in order to promote OA policies and practices. These initiatives have generated a significant response across publishing, academic and funding institutions in the UK not only because of their key role in implementing the open access mandates but, more significantly, because open access to research and data is said to increase impact and visibility at individual and Institutional levels.

Open access as a University strategy, however, still faces a greater challenge: Academics’ involvement. There is evidence that scholars and researchers are less interested in the Open Access initiative than their Institutions. This is due in part to current workloads, lack of knowledge and little awareness of the opportunities of OA, time involved in depositing, concern about copyright infringement and conflicting views regarding the ethical component of Open Access (Cullen & Chawner, 2011; Kim, 2011; Nicholas, Huntington, & Rowlands, 2005).